How To Select The Best Compound Bow

18 Jan

The limbs of a bow are its upper and lower portions, and the best compound bow uses a levering system of cables to bend them.  The flex and power needed to eject the arrow is porivded by this system.

In a modern compound bow, the limbs are stiff compared to those in a recurve bow or an old-fashioned longbow.  This stiffness is due to its not being made of wood.  Bit the materials use in the best compound bows are a lot better than wood because they are more energy efficient.

The compound bow is a high tech bow that uses levers and pulleys to counteract its stiffness.  Without these, it would be impossible to flex the bow at all.  When the string is drawn back it gains mechanical advantage and increases energy until it reaches a point where peak weight is achieved and the energy is released to launch the arrow.

The benefit of using a compound bow is that it is weather resistant.  It is not good to use wooden bows in rainy weather because it is absorbent and it will be total different when using it in sunny weather.  Old fashioned bows used only in hot climates tend to crack as the natural oil in the wood evaporates.

In the 1960s, the first patent on compound bows was released. Many hunters have seen the great advantages of using a compound bow and so gave up on their old fashioned wooden bows. They are more efficient, and offer increased velocity and increased accuracy. Know more about archery at

People are not agreed on which is the best compound bow or the best materials used in bow construction. The materials can be aluminum, magnesium or an aluminum alloy like the ones they use in building aircrafts.

In a compound bow, the strength of the bow lie in the limbs and not in the pulleys or the cables. Cams and wheels construction is important since they must move the string so they must function smoothly.  It is not really strings that are used in compound bows but a high efficiency poly ethylene cable that can hold great tensile strength.  The cables used in compound bows at The Best Compound Bows do not stretch so that it will not lose is efficiency.  The old bows before used high tensile coated steel but today most compound bows use polyethylene construction for its cables.

When it comes to the speed of the arrow, it is directly controlled by the cams.  Different types of compound bows either contain a soft cam or a hard one.  Students of archery usually use softer cams.

For those who are interested in purchasing compound bows for their new interest in archery, a professional archer or an archery teacher will be your best source of information as to the best compound bow to buy.

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